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October 27, 2005


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» National Journal: Cheney Blocked Papers to Senate Intelligence from 03202003 - 03/20/2003
Our friends at AGITPROP scooped us on a National Journal story which further opens the can of worms Cheney and his staff are now deep into. Vice President Cheney and his chief of staff, I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby, overruling advice... [Read More]

» Spinning Spinning Spinning - Dizzy Yet? from Smash Monster
This article from TomPaine.com gives a sober analysis of the hyprocrisy of spin in the Fitzgerald investigation coverage. If you want to see some really funny spin, check out how this editorial, compares everything to Clinton (in some of his... [Read More]


Awesome picture of Cheney! I wonder how many dead Iraqi children he ate for lunch?

If he only had a heart! M

That is one mean and ugly SOB.

He does eat kids for breakfast. I just know it. How else does he manage to keep himself alive??

Evil shithead. I just read the National Journal article. Obviously, the extent of his evil is beyond what we even imagined. Of coruse, I'm not a bit surprised...


As you know, we don't count'm; we just kill'm.

yo, fitzgerald has a blog:


crazy internets...

Tomorrow will be fun. Linked back to this here. Trackbacks don't like me for some reason.

Sad that my first thought was, "I'm not surprised, this is business as usual with this bunch." We should not be living like this. And by the way, what is up with Evil dude's upper lip? I am convinced he is pure evil, and the proof is in the photo.

"Well Fuck Yy... arrghh... Sonofabitch. Another heart attack!"

Sorry, couldn't resist captioning that picture. Now I'll read the post.

Could THIS be what Fitzgerald is going to continue his investigation for?

Could THIS be what Fitzgerald is going to continue his investigation for?

This and Rove - Fitzgerald is going to continue that investigation and not indict him ... yet (rumor has it).

i think that that bush should burn in hell for the pain and anguist he has caused many friends and family . i think that the sorry sob should bring our men and women back home to thier family and friends , and get them out of harms way . i also think that we should drop him over iraq and feed him to the dogs .

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