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October 19, 2005


I just watched it on Crooks & Liars, and I absolutely LOVED that quick second where JS chuckled wryly as he displayed Bill's book and the whole crowd just laughed!! Bill looked very uneasy, sort of shocked and embarassed all at once, and JS could not have barely controlled his condescension any better. HILARIOUS.

What was that shit about France? O'Reilly is delusional. What a fucking tool. Everyone else (besides ignorant wingnuts) have gotten over the "freedom fries" days. Bill sounds like a moron even going there.

I hope he does retire soon. Looks like maybe all the bad press & hatemail might be getting to him. GOOOOOOD.

I heard George Clooney wants to be on his show & grill him about his sexual harassment case. Now THAT would be some drool-worthy entertainment.

He still refuses to have Media Matters on ... afraid, perhaps? And let's not forget my cat Lili is French.

Credit to Bill for showing up (and that's all the credit he'll get from me) and nice job JS! I loved the "...but you add injury" comeback by JS. If that wasn't scripted it was genius!

Anyone think maybe the reason Bill has the hard-on for the French has something to do with an intern at Fox that's pissed at him? Oui! Oui!

Great stuff! I could almost see Bill thinking, "If I could only shut off the audience's microphones." He doesn't care for dissent -- sort of like the Prez.

I have to say, props to Bill for showing up. He handled JS more like a man than Christopher ("Must run off set before I cry") Hitchens did.

Also, the fact that Bill showed up means that the crazy wingnuts are a little scared. They have to court the middle now; hence, appearances on the DS.

I still want to know what he was reacting to when he pointed at a specific audience member and said "I'm coming up there!" Kind of gave me a glimpse into someone about to show his true colors.

Brian, I think you're right ... if something set him off, he'd be like a Jerry Springer guest. Watch out for that chair!

And why don't they screw those things down anyway?

Oh, that O'Reilly. Do you think that his kids' book will have crack ho's, like his romance novel? "Sandi the Strawberry loves the glass pipe! Twenty bucks can get her totally wiped!"

I don't give that asshole any credit for showing up. It was a chance to plug his book and probably get some digs in to JS, which he tried and failed to do.

He only does things he think will help him, and I think he underestimated JS & his audience. HA HA!

I agree with you HelenWheels. The man doesn't deserve credit for anything. If we're lucky he really will retire. And better yet, he'll stay retired and not pull a Who final tour number.

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