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December 22, 2005


You are determined and perseverant. That is the true sign of an anti-defeatist.

I'm proud of your efforts in light of the obvious snub. Billie-the-Skid can't ignore you forever.

That is the true sign of an anti-defeatist.
Or a complete nut job. I'll let you know.

Oh, and that Alistaire Cooke story, while about as creepy as it gets, was hilarious. Maybe it's just the way it was written. You just can't make stuff like that up!

Poor Alistair ... they took him to Brooklyn to do it. Glad I live here in Manhattan. I'm never getting on a Q train again. If the trains ever start running, that is ...

Damm, others have already beat me too it, and pointed out your persistance refutes your claims to be a defeatist...;)

To again quote Churchill on your noble battle, "It will be long, and it will be hard."

But do not despair, my dear Blogenfreude, over the top!

How starting one of those annoying pieces of chain mail I always get about the troops needing our prayers or the real reason for Cindy Sheehan’s divorce. Except about O'Reilly and the shape of his favorite anal probe. Or maybe even a flash of an O'Reilly greatest scowl compilation set to Adam Sandler’s **** me in the *** with a shampoo bottle at a medium pace.

I think I've been reading to much Rude Pundit

Count me in. I may be justa "fucking tool," but I'll do my bestest.

Hm, Freude...are you really interested in getting on the "List", my young Padawan?

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