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December 22, 2005


Ooooh, a homework assignment for the Christmas holiday!

Oh...pardon me, I mean, the "Holiday holiday"....

(Yea, I was the kid who broke the curve in every class I took)

Ya know I watch O'Riley.. usually after my traditional get off of work beer.

He said that his New Year's Resolution is to hold big name people who smear accountable. He uses George Clooney as an example.

I wonder what his definition of smear is..
and is it only for those who smear him...


Here's the problem, Blogenfreude. You're not spreading defamation and false information. All you're doing is quoting the guy verbatim. You'll have to up the ante a bit. :)

I wonder how the right wing Christmasians are dealing with Christopher Hitchens attack over on Slate. Funny shit (even for a Enduring Freedom apologist).

Yeah, Blogen, you need to misquote the hell out of him to get his attention. I must say, I truly admire your effort in this cause! Geeez, truly impressive. I'll do all I can to help!

i guess i seen too much cnn, but today they reported that enough c4 and caps was stolen from a demolition enterprise in abq to in fact blow up a bill-ding, maybe by terrorists. i was worried that they meant here, so i had the cops check the laundry room, but the president didn't call me back, though. i've been checking regular under the sink and my bike seat and told 'em i'd let 'em know if i saw something that wasn't right so they said ok and have a happy holiday and i said merry christmas to you, too, and they turned me into o'reilly and now what the fuck am i gonna do?

Does this mean I'm quickest draw on Photoshop?

Here's my contribution. If you like it, you can have it.


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