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December 11, 2005


You will burn for this.

Jesus Christ himself would be proud. You've outdone yourself, Blogen. What clever lyrics!Too bad we can't put it to music, I'd love to have it playing during the Holiday Season.

I especially like the last verse. HA!!!!

You will burn for this.
Yaay! Now I can hang around with Pryor and the other fun people!

Heh heh. Somewhere in Heaven, J.C. is kickin back, reading this, and saying:


Blogen, you definitely have to get Comandante to put this music.

You are blessed amoung men! All you need now is to "get your boogie down."

a rousing chorus of this while guzzling some potent eggnog and my Xmas is made!

This is all a distraction from Fitzball season.

The bowl games are coming up. I'm hoping to see the Eastern District in the Fitzbowl.

Very creative!


Catchy! I'll try to throw the new lyrics in when we sing this at the Christmas service at the church where I sing.

I don't think you will be going to hell for this, because I'm pretty sure that's where the Falafel is going, and I'm certain that God rewards those who make fun of the damned. It's in the Bible*. In the back, somewhere.

*may not actually be in the Bible

Thank you, blogenfreude, for so graciously acknowledging my little effort and honoring it with verses cleverer than mine. And re your kind post in response to mine at The General's (I'm posting here with apologies, because I'm so late replying, and I'm not sure you'll see it there): if Our Dear Leader (to borrow from Wm. Burroughs) sh*ts diamonds and farts ambrosia, then you are not far behind when you blow coffee out your nose. Carry on!

You might not burn, but you'll feel a little heat on Purgatory's Rotisserie, methinks.

To hell with Purgatory! I'm going to the Sixth Circle ... I took the test!

I am in the 6th circle too:


Ooops if you click that it says Limbo - which is 1. I assure you that's not me. I'm "City of Dis"

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