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December 22, 2005


Well geez, why don't you just wipe your ass with a pair of underwear, take picture of it, & call it 'Bill O'Reilly's Smear'. That outta get his attention!

Why you gotta be hater? What has Billy done to you?

My gawd, the man is cracking up! I guess he's probably freaking that in 3 days Xmas will be over, and he won't be able to blather about the "war on xmas" for another whole year. I would imagine that would cause Billie-the-Skid to crack up.

I agree - an underwear smear would be a good 'un. Maybe that's what it'll take to drag him in.


Might a cartoon tickle your fancy? Or more importantly can it help you achieve your goal of making the "Media Operations that Traffic in Defamation™" list? I offer to you Jesus O'Reilly in hopes that it might help you in some small way.


check out firedoglake for more o'reilly
fodder. 12/23/05

It's surprising that this doesn't happen more often. I'm amazed at how a third of our population can follow a party line that can change from day to day as often as the communist line did under Stalin. It's easier for us liberals and progressives just to follow the truth. Completely changing ones' worldview at the drop of a hat too often is bound to drive one mad.

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