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February 13, 2006


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Well, I guess it's a good thing she was neutralized before she found out anything pertinent. We wouldn't want to start a war based on good intelligence, would we?

Heck no, Kathy. That would never sit well with the American people.

Wow. I didn't know the CIA allowed glorified secretaries access to so much classified information.

Questioning Tenet's Medal of Freedom,


Wellsaid, Rex & good post, Blogen. Hopefully, ol' 'buckshot' Cheney will be dragged down by Scooter soon.

"This is my principal objection to life, I think: It is too easy, when alive, to make perfectly horrible mistakes." Who was it that said that? Was it Dick Cheney, or a young Rudy Waltz?

I don't think cheney would ever say that...

Cheney VP Mistake and Chief of Ineptitude, for sure. I would love to see him bounced out on his dead ass.

Sounds like Cheney wanted her shot down for more than one reason. Oh, should I have re-phrased that?

So does that mean that he only "peppered" her ?....and I guess that means that Quail Hunting is actually Fair Game ? ( somebody better Tell poor Ol' Harry the Lawyer laying there in ICU with his peppering wounds )

Bush knew Wilson's trip exposed WMD lies, it was in the PDB:


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