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March 01, 2006


I like how all these hosers (including fashion victim Mary Matalin) insist on putting "the Honorable" or "Ambassador" in front of their names. Mary Matalin has a "Ms.," which shouts out "Hey! Someone actually married me!" Anyone who needs to tout their successes like that shouldn't be trusted, and neither should Libby.

I should think that bushco are paying him handsomely to keep his damn mouth shut!

Hey, I call myself "Ms." and I'm single... do you mean, "Mrs.", Pepper?

Scooter, the loose cannon of the Bush administration - doesn't he look like such a victim here?

Hey! I resent that! Scooter is nothing like me! I certainly would not beg for cash from the American people to pay my legal bills. Ofcourse, I would never break the law...

Oh, right, Lew, like you've never driven 30 mph in a school zone, right? Fess up!

Hey he can't get any money for his legal defense before I get some for mine!

All I did as an NAACP Legal Redress Chair was write a damn demand letter to a NH police chief and "threaten" a press conference concerning police abuse, yet here I sit, indicted for attempted felony extortion. But fighting back.


As for Scooter, I have no real pity:


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