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March 20, 2006


I can see that. The conservatives are much more rigid in their thinking and thus anyone who is seriously insecure would cling to them. Now those whiny kids are finding out that the conservative agenda is the same as linking up with the mob.

I always assume that whiny kids are spoiled. Perhaps that's what really makes people conservative. If you've never wanted for anything, you're less likely to empathise with those less fortunate.

Uh oh. I'd better start cracking down on my kids. Don't want to raise any right-wing wackos.

I have spent the past few years talking about the current conservative bent in America in terms of fear, that really at the heart of conservatism are fears such as: fear of insecurity and ambiguity, fear of change, fear of others who are different (such as brown people and Muslim people and Liberal people), fear of their own impulses (sex) - and this study simply confirms it for me. An "ah ha!" moment. So that explains a little bit of it for me!

Is that before or after he was swallowed by the whale?

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