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March 31, 2007


I keep asking myself, why is it that so many Democrats, aren't lisening to the voters, they seem to be stuck. they have to make sure that the people who voted for them have a job ( in the defense industry) so they will be able to contribute to their Re-election Campaign. so in order insure the support of these Democatic hold out's, I perpose we find otheir ways to use these factories, that produce these weapons of war, maybe we could Build more and better spaceships, they don't create as big a mess to clean-up, fewer dead bodies, less damage to buildings,after all we don't worry to much about Space Junk. yes the Space Program, has got to be a more effective way to Waste money.

Mars, bitches!

(Best Marvin voice) I am getting very angry!

Yet another photo from McCain's visit to Baghdad. http://www.liberalrevolt.com/article/john-mccain-april-fool

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