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November 25, 2007


When, do you suppose, these people will stop telling us how to live moral lives and look at their own?

Matthew 7-3

Errrr, not to be confused with a partial college football score...

Apropos of nothing, but he looks a little like me grandmum (from Texas), with hair like a Centurian helmet.

He would be a good candidate for this site.

I am not one bit surprised about this scandal. I read Richard Robert's first wife's biography [Patty Roberts] YEARS ago, and realized this family was running a scam.Where was their board of regents at this time, when she made it so public? I occasionally watched them at the time of his first divorce, and never saw an explanation of how he dumped one wife and got another. The new wife just 'appeared'. Patty Roberts in her book referred to very expensive household items, and she felt bad about it, like it was a misuse of monies given as individual tithes. Perhaps, Mom and Dad Roberts and son Richard just kept on spending, and new wife Lindsey, just joined the spend-a-thon. I would not give any of them a penny. In fact I am disgusted with that whole denomination and their television evangelists who live like kings. If Jesus and his disciples were an example to follow, with humility and respect for good financial accountability, where is this group coming from. It's horrible.

Oh, thank you Agi! My afternoon smile.

They're all pretty damn good, but Roger Ebert takes my vote for quintessential bivalve.
(Klosterman wins is for the East German version of same.)

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