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November 28, 2008


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People are beginning to make the connection between "us" and the crisis we are in. This is a horrific acknowledgement of it.

I am linking to this.


This is becoming an annual tradition at Wal-Mart. I believe it was last year, or perhaps the year before that a shopper was trampled to death at a Wal-Mart here in G-Rap. I hope the bargains were worth it.

Not only the poor worker who was standing on the wrong side of the stampede, but a pregnant woman in the same mob miscarried from the trampling.

Also, two workers died in a Toys R Us.

Wal-Mart (and TRU) could have done a better job policing the doors, but let's face facts: that mob scene rushing in is juice advertising, whether you use it to merely pump up your sales staff or manage to get a news crew to cover it. Everybody does it, everybody uses it.

Shame on them, but shame on us for watching.

Death while shopping at Wal*Mart---God Damn it!

Goddamnit, I'm going to bed. Wake me up when mankind grows up! Aaaaaargh!


"It's interesting when people die/
give us dirty laundry."

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