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October 29, 2005


Well, you were only off 2 days re: Libby, so cut yourself some slack at least. In any case, all in due time.

This is why I don't try to predict. I just hate losing :)

Slack? This is how the Bushies got us into the mess[es] we're in ... NEVER here at Agitprop. We hew to the strictest standards.

And we'll be tightening up those predictions so we have a better shot ...


I am ready for the next set of predictions.

Gonzo was down in New Orleans doing some Potemkin stuff...

Ha ha! You're more of a perfectionist than even I am. Well, you gotta live with yourself...

NOLA? In addition to going to Norfolk VA? He's at Camp David now ... Operation Enduring Vacation.

It would be a gross underestimation of Fitzgerald's ability and shrewdness to assume that he's completed his assault upon Mordor.

The main reason he's isolated Libby is to make Scooter feel like the lonely fall guy. Fitz has so far the stickiest, steepest charges and he can paste at least ten years' worth of jail time on Scoot.

Scoot feels alone, abandoned. He flips. Investigation continues and Scooter doesn't go to the Crowbar Hotel for a stretch of protracted rape and humiliation.

Let's not even mention DISBARRMENT.

Fitz is betting that Scooter would rather see Dick in an orange jumpsuit and face the shame of remaining free by peaching on his betters. Fitz has just so much ammo at this moment, and is looking for more, but needs help in getting it firmly in his hands. Fitz knows what it is, who has it and how to get it completely loaded into his gun.

He's just picking his targets at this moment, not overreaching: not expecting to take down a grizzly with a .38 special.

The main reason he's isolated Libby is to make Scooter feel like the lonely fall guy.

I think you may be right ... Scooter's under pressure to plead out. However, he won't go to a real prison, just one like Martha Stewart (known in the system as "Camp Cupcake").

For your first-time predictions you didn't do all that bad.

Besides, if this were baseball you'd have a damn good batting average.

Wow. Not only was I 0 for 3, but one of my predictions, that Bush would be seen as more partisan because of the difference in response between Katrina and Wilma, ended up so wrong that Bush actually screwed BOTH up!

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