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October 30, 2005


#1 looks spot on.
#2 is a 50-50.
#3 anyones guess.

Seeing as I was close with my prediction last week, I'll give it another shot.
Drumroll, please:

Rehnquist/Roberts clone,Maureen Mahoney will be nominated by mid-week.


OK, let me take a shot again:

1) Cheney will have to admit that he did know that Libby discussed Plame in front of him.

2) Fitzgerald will announce that he's turned over the forged Niger documents to Paul McNulty for his investigation.

3) The Jets will not lose a game.

This last one is my slam dunk.

1) Shrub will throw another tantrum and his aides will report it;

2) Cheney's sneer will increase 1/2 centimeter;

3) Michelle Malkin's head will do a 360 (again)

Looks like you should go 2 for 3 this week. First two, that is.

Helen looks like she'll do the same with her first two.

I really believe Rove is in for it this week. I think Fitzgerald may have played nice for a weekend after offering Rove an opportunity to roll over (which he declined) and Bush probably asked for the weekend (shit! there goes vacation) to "brainstorm" with his cabinet about how to handle a one-two punch.

"I know Mr. President! How about we move the show back to Crawford?"

1) spot on....hours away..the King has all weekend at Camp to select new Church Lady school marm that he is certain in his addled brain will appease his "Critics" AKA right-wing-nuts...and he has been praying all weekend for Distraction from Scooter mess.

3)Dead on....

So all in all you will do much better than tepid this week- I think you do a pretty good job anyway...this really is like Cowpie Bingo at this point...

I'm betting on Scalito to get nomination and Cheney to have some health problems next month that will lead to his resignation.

1.) Sure thing.

2.) No way. He's set to take the fall for all the other assholes. When Bush and Cheney start with the "How sad" bullshit you know he's headed for the shitter head first.

3.) Won't even venture a guess on this one. Texas and the law are something else. Believe one who's been there.

1. I agree Bush will announce a nominee but I believe it will be Alberto Gonzo.

2. I agree with this prediction.

3. I still believe that Cheney will fall ill.

Now that I think of it, Cheney just may pull a Rehnquist, goes back to the post:


Grumpy Old Man, that comment about Texas and the law is spot-on. You never know what kind of hayride that trial will turn out to be!

As for Cheney, I think he's already dead. I've been praising taxidermy for some time, and I thought I was joking, but now I'm starting to wonder.

Ol' Cranky called it - it's Scalito.

Let's see if his #2 guess is right also...

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