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October 19, 2005


Save the Badgers!

Another example of people acting as if it's the middle ages and we don't have alternative means to make simple things like a BRUSH.

I never understand how this shit can happen. I don't understand why J.Lo is so clueless she includes fur in her fashion line. WTF is wrong with people? Oh yeah - the heavy dose of cognitive dissonance.

There is a huge difference between eating meat and wearing a fur, or using a "special" shaving brush made out of a badger. People who don't get that are cruel idiots, and that's just a fucking FACT.

i'd take it even a step further helen, like point out that factory farms are one of the biggest polluters in this country and that their methods are beyond cruel, not to mention disgusting.

however, i'm glad you guys care about badgers. this shaving thing is fucking ridiculous.

i'll save my high-horse routine for my own site :-)

Why, that reminds me: There is a carpark where you can park if you are holding a disabled badger.

Perhaps these brushes create disabled badgers, in which case I'd like to procure one. Parking is really hard to come by here.

Good to hear. That should make it much safer for us gophers here in Minnesota. Any word on wolverine brushes? We've been having a little trouble with Michigan too.

Save the Badgers!

I am about 90% vegetarian (eat fish from time to time) because of the farm factory thing and the cruelty, so I hear ya, The Quitter!

All you meat eaters, PLEASE at least try to buy free range meat, from animals who have at least had a good life, like in the old days before the cruel, sickening, perverted factory farming.

Just more of my two cents. I spend so much time rescuing/fighting for doggie rights sometimes I forget about every other horrid thing done to our animal friends.

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