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October 21, 2005


I'm not sure which one in that couple is the bigger idiot.

Hell, for 250G's he can sit on my lap---lol M

He can sit on my lap too, but I demand cash. No credit card payments from this bozo. I guess he got wasted and realized his wifey or his stakeholders didn't want to pay 250k for him to get wasted at titty bars, so he tries to get away with skipping payment.

It was a big month for Scores. The next day they charged a Bangladeshi man $124,000 over four of his credit cards. And 2 weeks earlier, they charged a man $28k. They were sued over each of these three charges.

Maybe they should think about getting a signed contract, negotiated before the champagne starts flowing.

Greg, if morons can run up tabs like that in one night at such establishments, I am SO in the wrong business.

Is he related to the Runaway Bride ? look at the eyes....

Power to the people is, is not a good idea

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