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October 25, 2005


All I gotta say is: HOLY SHIT. I don't know HOW I'm going to be able to sit still until tomorrow.

Should I hang a stocking and put up a tree?!? Or do we hang effigies of bushco on the fireplace mantle instead? I'm not sure... but I'm going to celebrate!

I will hold Fitzmas in my heart forever.

If the press conference is scheduled for Thursday, something will get leaked tomorrow. Don't know if I can stand to wait.

And I don't blame Scotty for nailing Rove and Libby. He's been hung out to dry so many times by the Bushies. Of course, he does it for a living, and I'm sure he's been directed to dump on them, so never mind. He is a tool.

woohoo! just posted this over at KA. thanks!

I'm about to piss myself in anticipation. This is true as I dare not leave the box long enough. OH HAPPY DAY!

How will I sleep tonight?

God I hope there is a leak tomorrow. I cannot wait for Thursday! I don't care, after Thursday, if this takes years to resolve. Watergate was ignored by many until indictments were handed out and heads started to roll. I promise I can be patient after Thursday, just let Thursday become a first step towards bringing the neo-cons down.

Wait! You have him being thrown to the wolves? What happened to the bus? There are even reports of trains being involved, or possibly sharks, but I have not heard of wolves playing a part in the crimes.

You know, I think it might just be happening.

Maybe so.

I was 13 when Nixon resigned, and naturally when the Iran-Contra conspiracy was unmasked and defeated, I naturally assumed that the perpetrators would go down just as the last batch of traitors had. It hurt so much to watch them ride off scot free.

But maybe this time it will happen.

I keep the Moet & Chandon, in a pretty cabinet...

Hot damn, this day can't move fast enough until the announcement, and then it can't move slow enough to parboil the rightwingers in a slow simmering pot.

Wait! You have him being thrown to the wolves? What happened to the bus?

Thought the wolves would be sure to finish the job ...

Love the Queen reference... so apt, as I also keep the Moet & Chandon... but only in a wine-rack, until this aft. when it will be transferred to the fridge in anticipation...

I would prefer throwing Rove & Libby to an angry mob because I'm an animal lover, and wouldn't want to do that to the wolves. They'd probably just sniff them & run anyway, because animals are good at detecting sheer evil, and they don't like it. An angry mob would be perfect. Then they would be insulted and poked at before finally being drawn and quartered.

Ahhhh the slow burn. Gotta love it. Now if we can just continue to leverage this to get the hell out of Iraq (which is what started all this in the first place)...

Think the stress is "killing" Grandpa?

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