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October 18, 2005


Wait, I thought he was already dead. You know, stuffed so they can trot him out when they need him, like the Stones do with Keith Richards.

** rubbing my hands together with glee **

I got out my Ren & Stimpy dolls (Stimpy signed by *ahem* John K. himself), and did the dance. And sang the song. Twice.

If it ends up I did this prematurely, someone's gonna pay.

Feeling oh so lightheaded and giddy... is it Christmas? My birthday? I don't think I've ever been this hopeful!

Check out
Shakespeare's Sister's post on the high-level source
. And I linked to this post, but the trackback just won't take. Don't know why -- I've tried it a couple of times.

I'll shine my tap shoes so as to dance on your political grave Cheney!

Check out my post on Pirro, there a quick blurb on Ed "throw me under the bus" Cox right behind it. It's supposed to be a local politics blog, but in a state like New York it's to easy to be tempted.


Blogwhoring here, but if you want to know why Cheney will resign and Condi will take his place, I've got the in depth analysis.

Next stop: Shop for new curtains!

Blogwhoring? Never!

The least you could do is put in a link ...

(pssst... she did link, dear... just click on her name.)

To the piece Nancy! To the piece! I encourage links, and more links!

Proper blogwhoring, then: VP Rice: Get Used to It

You rock. Send me a trackback baby.

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