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October 22, 2005


Why does the American Friends Service Committee hate America?

Her declaration is akin to saying that the 9/11 Clint Black concert was "partying over 9/11" or that a funeral for a fallen soldier is a "party on the soldier's grave."

Intellectual dishonesty doesn't begin to describe her.

I wonder if Michelle considers the annual Veterans Day celebration to be one big fucking orgy of Hate America?

I don't know how these tools define a party, but they're absolutely nuts.

Little Green Fascists - nice. Their ad line should be "We make stupidity hip!"

AFSC? Them's my peeps. Good lord. Thanks for the tip--I gotta blog this.


I put up a postcard on my site in reference to these "parties." Check it out. According to Malkin and the right, they're "parties." But the postcard I have says they're "vigils." Hmmm...who to trust!

PS...I've added you guys to my blogroll.

Hmmm, I think a meme is beginning to emerge. Ralph Peters is saying the same thing about liberals. It's that tired old meme from the Viet Nam days, "let's blame the liberals for losing".

The Liberals are causing us to lose in Iraq? Note to all liberals: Welcome to the Defeatists!

I suppose Maldusa forgot that Nixon was a Quaker ...

And Agi, if we get a bunch of indictments, that site has to come down. Or you at least have to change the name.

It looks to me like Malkin and her evil/clueless ilk are simply beyond desperate. This has to be the stupidist thing I've seen in a long while, and that's saying a lot.

It's apparent they don't have anything legitimate to pin on liberals, so why not make shit up? they can't show one little shred of evidence that the right actually supports the troops; in fact, the majority of veterans are telling the opposite after the way they are treated. They are so desperate to find anything to criticize the left for, they have to make things up.

It's just pathetic, really.

I have a post that will appear tomorrow that will sock it to Little Green Footballs. I really can't stand them. At least Powerline is all stodgy. Those tools at LGF actually think they are funny. They're about as funny as Chevy Chase's talk show. No thanks!

Malkins been out of her head for so long I really don't think she has any idea of what blather is coming out of her mouth and why Fox puts up with it...oops, wait, sorry, that's Superspin O'reilly's net..now we know why.

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