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October 20, 2005


Ha ha!!! "getting caught leaking"

Priceless. I think of Rove peeing his pants AND tattling on Plame all at once!

Oh, and thanks a lot, the title nearly made me spew my coffee.

Considering the amount of trouble our previous Dear Leader got into for lying about where he put his dick, I can only imagine the amount of trouble waiting for a president who lies about RELEVANT stuff, like corruption.

Helen, regarding your spewing, Blogenfreude refuses to replace another keyboard for you ...

Doh! What a surprise--NOT! Sandy, too bad this guy has a thicker coat of Teflon than the original Telfon Don. I wish he'd take the fall for this one (and about a dozen other "things" he's managed to turn to shit) but I'm guessing, as has been true his entire life, he'll not have to take any responsibility for this one. Damn it!

For those of you that follow Stratfor, you saw a good (if long-winded) summary of how this blown cover of a NOC isn't really about the one person that's "outed." There are so many lives that are now at risk because the big boys wanted to up the ante in the game of politics. But hey, what's another couple of lives you have no connection to when you've already sentenced nearly 2,000 American soldiers to death for no good reason? It's a rounding error in this guy's world.

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