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October 13, 2005


Have you seen this? DeLay's supporters are getting desperate.

This has been a fun blogging day!

Delay asked for it, by going after Ronnie Earle. Way to screw yourself, Tommie. Ha!

Subpoenas flying ... Scotty lying ... it HAS been a good news day.

Good evening, Blogenfreude.

Naw, this back and forth between DeLay's attorney and the prosecutor is the Texas legal equivalent of courtship dancing.

When they get down to the marital stuff, everybody'll know it: the fireworks will be visible from near-Earth orbit.

But for now, it's just friendly backside slapping and a little line dance.

The Dark Wraith will be on another continent if the two sides get down to real business (or BID-niss, as they say down in the oil patch).

I did a happy dance,but a restrained one.Ya never know with this bunch how they'll manage to weasel out of even the worst crimes.I agree with Mr Wraith on this,it's just the opening dance number we're seeing right now.

Wraith - get over yourself man! Remember, phone records undid Martha. Besides - it's been raining here for a week ... parts of Queens look like New Orleans. I need SOMETHING! Just a little something ....

Good morning, Blogenfreude.

In the years I did business as a consultant, I spent quite a bit of time in Texas, mostly dealing with companies and men in the energy business. Among the people were heroes and villains magnified many times the size of those one would encounter in everyday life. In that time, I learned an inordinate amount about everything from oil and gas to great food to back-breaking work in the hot sun. I learned about business and its conduct in the gray world between regulatory compliance and unmitigated self-interest. Although I had thought I learned how to fight in boot camp years before, in Texas I learned what it means to fight another way: I nearly lost everything imagining to myself that I was the guy with the white hat, and surely the good men always win in the end. I had no idea of how viciously, unfairly, and uncontrollably the world of large money and even larger egos can propel the actions of individuals in a supposedly civil society. In that time and in those circumstances, people who wanted nothing more than justice got far less. One man—a good man—died, and others, including old widows, lost the savings they had accumulated over lifetimes.

Victory would have been nice; but in the end, a draw was worthy justice.

As I noted above, I learned a lot from that time. One important lesson was that the civil society exists in a crisp, fine shell, separated perilously from a world of crudeness, madness, and meanness. What exists on the inside of that shell is far preferable to the black and hated world on the infinitely larger other side that surrounds it. I learned, though, that one must be ready to either place.

This, then, calls me to offer a rule of mine, one I have, in other forums of the Blogosphere, noted from time to time: everyone in this life gets one free shot at me. No worries of retribution in kind, no concerns that my feelings will be hurt, no harsh rejoinders. This is my own reconciliation of the worlds within and without that shell of civility.

The commencement of your reply to my original comment stands as your free shot.

The Dark Wraith wishes you well, Blogenfreude.

Alright alright - a truce. We are (I think) on the same side.

But can't I be a little bit pleased about this? A wee bit o' gloatin'?

Or maybe a sandwich?

At least a beer. Hold the champagne for a little while.

Or I'll pull a Niles and Frazier - must have some Châteauneuf du Pape around here some where ...

Those who know me know well of my affinity to brutally strong coffee and Spam™, the latter cooked to a crisp with melted cheese on top and a small portion of mayonnaise.

Put into a blender set on "medium-rare," the coffee and the Spam™ have the potential to bring a tear of joy to the savage breast, ever thirsting as it does for the new and curious treat to tingle the tongue and billow the bowel.

The Dark Wraith offers a glass to all who enjoy those small pleasures yet unsung in this otherwise tastelessly Republican world.

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