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October 20, 2005


So, are they going to rip off the toupee in the lockup? That's a security risk, right?

HA! I just heard about this and put up my mug shot also :) Thanks for the email also...

Look, ma! I's a tough guy!

Why is this man smiling? I have a little caption contest running at my location if you are feeling snarky enough to leave a comment.

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You've made my day man! And thanks for the e-mail tip.

I'm smiling because I just took a dump in Ronnie Earl's car. That little pinko bitch has got quite a surprise coming!

Behind the grin he's shitting his pants. Or, beneath the grin...

Hope he gets some of that old timey Texas justice. If there was ever a man that needed to be chained to a bumper and...

I agree with Pam - I'm pissed too - he should be treated like everyone else who gets arrested - that's a passport picture not a mug shot.

He does have a daffy look on his face though.

Damn it! That picture is just too posed! I hope the Sherrif is passing it around the jail this evening so the boys in the can know what kind of sweet meat is heading into the camp soon!

Why is it, every other photo I've seen of DeLay he looks like the bugman he is, where in this one he's looking like he's trying to sell you an Oldsmobile?

Kathy - you said a lot ... DeLay would be likely to try to sell you an Oldsmobile because they don't make Oldsmobiles anymore!

A real shame, that.

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