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October 12, 2005


"Hasty Prosecutor Forgot to Cut Off Head, Stuff Mouth With Garlic"

....and burn the body.

I think that's for Slavic vampires, not Romanian, but I'm not picky at this point ...

Silver bullets. That'll do the trick.

Silver bullets is a werewolf, isn't it?
Maybe impale him with a silver golf club ...

Oops, got my movie monsters mixed up.

Agi - if only the last 5 years were a movie ...

Make him sit in the sunlight, he'll turn into a pile of dust. Easy!

Get him with the way he made it big. Two words: Roach spray!

I think vampires just laugh at roach spray. As for sitting in the sunlight, I remember seeing Bela Lugosi (or was it Marilyn Manson?) reconstitute himself even after turning to dust. I believe the preferred method is mixing the dust in a soup or stew and feeding it to your family.

But I'm no expert ...

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