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October 28, 2005


Possible distractions:

1) War between Israel & Iran
2) Chertoff raises terror threat to RED
3) U.S. troops invade Syria

I was hoping for a full cup, Rove and Libby. We will settle for half-full. They are all as corrupt as Nixon and his crew. I really believe this!

Hey! I noticed that Sulu came out! Good for him! Go Sulu!!!!

I sorta expected Bush to announce his next Supreme Court nominee fifteen minutes before the indictments were released, but it looks like he's going to fall back on repeating "9/11" ad infinitum. Here's a clue, George -- it won't work.

I may actually piss my self in anticipation. Haven't been so excitex/agitated since my airplane caught fire and that was a long,long time ago.

Shows you how jaded bushco has made Americans. We invade yet another country, and it's non-news.

Of course, I'm glad Plamegate is news (finally). Here's hoping to Rove getting even more serious indictments when he finally gets 'em!

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