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October 14, 2005


There must be something wrong with me. I've been watching Animal Planet and HGTV for years, and I'm still straight. What am I missing?

Any kind of exorcism for criminal indictments?

You missed the subliminal messages, like in LedZep records.

Reverend Lou sounds like he's suppressing something....

"The lady doth protest too much"

I love Lou Sheldon! He's from The OC...in my neck of the woods!

He probably BUILT the Orange Curtain ...

Here in Spain the Fascist Franco put the poofs in prison. Just saw a program on TV about it and one of the guys said the first time he was raped was his first day in prison. Is this really what 'ol Ray is after?

Okay, I linked to this post at the Blues. For some reason, the trackback isn't showing up here.

"Subliminal messages," in Led Zeppelin Albums?! So that's what has been going on, god just kicked back, smoked a fatty and fell asleep listening to a Led Zeppelin greatist hits album! In January we had "The Ocean." Septemeber we had "When the Levee Breaks," and just recently we had "Kashmire." (I almost forgot "Black Mountainside" for California)

Fred, I think you're on to something there ... things really went to hell after Early Days and Latter Days came out ...

But I have a question - does that mean there aren't gay and lesbian people on other networks? WHAT CHANNEL IS SAFE??? Please, tell me so that I can insure the moral and spiritual safety of my goldfish - he watches far too much "Queer Eye" these days and, well, I'm worried...


Hmmm, not any of them that carry The 700 Club - that's practically all they talk about.

Brrr! I only hope I don't catch The Gay from watching Animal Planet! Thanks for the warning!

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