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October 13, 2005


Don't let Lili near that bastard!

She'd sharpen her claws on that Repub hair ...

let's not forget the elder junior dear leader CHEney....

Ahhhh, the Dear [Vice] Leader ... nobody's subpoenaed him yet, but that might not be far off either.

fingers crossed.. legs crossed.. everything is crossed.. please o please o please

Cats everywhere will cheer if Frist goes to jail.

My cat Lili already emailed me about how happy she is that Frist was subpoenaed. She listens to NPR during the day ...

Two words: Martha Stewart. If she went to the hoosegow, so should he. No excuses. It's the exact same offense.

I hope Lili is practicing on a post!

Bill's sentence should be that he must be tied to a chair and forced to see every cat on www.mycathatesyou.com.

I hope Lili's pic makes the cut, BTW. I'm pullin for her. I think her look is condescending enough to rate.

Thanks Helen, and Lili is actually practicing on me right now Pepper. I put her back on Science Diet Lite because she needs to drop and a pound and a half, and she's now surlier than usual.

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