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October 17, 2005


Thanks man,

And for sure. No fucking swearing!

I didn't fucking swear up there in MY b-day greeting, but now I wish to shit I had!

Happy Birthday Grumpy!

Now don't make me come over there with my editing pencil ...

I surely do hope that GOM gets his birthday wish sometime this week. A couple of perp walks would be fun.

I left my birthday wish for the GOM too, sure hope he gets his wish.

B-nice photograph.

Even one perp walk would do it ... can anyone say "Rove"? C'mon, I know you can.

Hey, I did go over to the Grumpy Old dude's site and leave a very nice birthday greeting, but it looks like he deleted it. Oh, well, it's the thought...

isabelita - he didn't delete it ... he has that comment thingy where he gets to read them before they go up. if you please him, you will comment. we all have to live with it....

Happy BD GOM! MandT

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