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October 31, 2005


I find this truly amazing. We have quotes from Alito's mother and the only Dem who speaks today is Reid.

Where are all the other Democrats???

Ted Kennedy spoke a little...and Shumer (sp) from NY..Durbin...they were calm and rational and said they want to examine his record etc etc...They were just not as rabidy enthusiastic as the right....

Kerry issued some sort of statement, I believe ...

He'll be confirmed

He'll be confirmed


I know, but I'm being serious. He'll be confirmed, narrowly. Lieberman and the DINOs will vote for him. And if the Gang of 14 fails then Frist will bust out the nookyooler option. Even a pubic hair on a coke can won't stop Scalito...

...unless he's as crazy as Bork

depends on whose pubic hair ...

Not to worry. Wealthy women, and their teenage daughters, will still be able to get safe abortions, courtesy of their discreet and well-paid physicians. Only non-wealthy women and girls will end up dying from perforated uteruses or overdoses of purported abortifacients.

Wealthy women, and their teenage daughters, will still be able to get safe abortions ... Exactly, or they'll do it like they did it pre-Roe: a flight to Sweden, or Israel, two places it can be easily taken care of ...

It's just part of the liberal plot to take over America. The rich will abort, the poor won't be able to fly to Sweden to get one, and thus the ranks of the poor will grow! They're just breeding more revolutionaries! Thanks, Far Right! "We're coming to take you away, ha-ha! We're coming to take you away, ha-ha!"

Oh great! Another Nazi!

He'll be confirmed


unless the dems all vote lock step and are joined by a bunch of moderate republicans who realize they will continue to be held hostage by the fundamentalists, agit's right he'll be confirmed.

I very much fear that he will rule according to his personal views and disregard court precedents.

I don't care what his personal views about abortion are; I care that he respect that we have precedent and settled law that are not consistent with his personal ones and that he was nominated just to do what the christian orthodoxy demands.

"dems all vote lock step," they were 22-22 on Roberts. I hear Brazil is nice this time of year.

What these GOP thugs need to explain is WHY they didn't nominate this Nazi to begin with, instead of Miers.

Actually, I'm pretty sure why, I just want W to explain it to Joe Six Pack.

No surprise here, but this morning's WSJ was like 18 pages of conservative porn in support of Bushlito. Sometimes (ok most every morning) that paper really pisses me off!

Love the "week after" plan from Bush so far.

TODO-10/31-Next Vacation

-Nominate candidate for SCOTUS that's guaranteed to get me back in the good graces of religious right and beyond
-Release some prisoners from Abu Ghraib
-Announce Bird Flu plan
-Give extra candy to trick or treaters
-Attend that "black lady's" thing on the hill

What's next? Switching party affiliation?

Attend that "black lady's" thing on the hill

Yeah, her name is Rosa PARK, according to Chimp.

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