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October 11, 2005


McCain has reduced himself to a crack whore who'll bend over for anyone in need of a political confidence boost.

You should have seen this on the news. McCain, although coming off as smug, had a bit of that "I don't want to be here" look about him. Das Gubernator didn't seem daunted (he's too thick to be daunted by much, though). I noticed their crowd gave them an over-the-top reception with wayyy too much clapping and cheering. Come to find out that it was pretty much staged, ala buscho's "townhall meetings." How pathetic.

Christ, who's advising McCain? Ralph Nader?

MY respect for the Gropinator and the Meat Puppet McCain are equal. Both are a negative 10 on a scale of 1-10.

The man that McCain used to be probably surfaces periodically, looks in the mirror and uncontrollably vomits all over itself.

The Gropinator was always looking out for #1. It has no endorphins, like the monkey-in-a man suit, so it can look in the mirror without a problem.


Your blog does not like me today...it keeps eating my posts.

Well, anyway...as I said...

*raising my hands, like an Italian* asking "McCain, wtf?"

I do not have an anti-Night-Bird setting. Nor would I if asked. You are welcome here.

McCain and Ahnold making PHYSICAL contact?!? What girlie men! Maybe they should just get married!

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