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October 26, 2005


Probably a little bonus for doing a "heck of a job."

I'd really like to have this job. I could tell them what went wrong for $145,000 a year. Disgusting waste of taxpayers' money!

Maybe some Arabian horses needed judging...you never know.

Linked here.


I just read Chertoff's weak justification for the extension: "Michael Chertoff tells The Associated Press it's important to let the new people get the full scope of Brown's experience." No, that is not a joke. It's right here.

I'll bet he's never off the unofficial payroll ever. Let's mark the calendar for 365 days from today and do a "where is he now?" investigation. My bet? Making more than he is now and very closely connected to the administration. Such odd loyalty in that administration. Makes me wonder who has the shoe box full of incriminating pictures.

It is amazing he is still there- but he most likely does have more emails etc to shred..and shred....When is going to be prosecuted for criminal negligence is what I want to know ? By the way come to http://watergatesummer.blogspot.com/, I wrote a story earlier in October- there are still >2600 children MISSING due to Katrina, and also over 12,000 adults yes, 12,000, I would love to ask him where those obit/mortem reports are.... MSM has totally bailed on this issue...( I ahve downloaded and posted the links to the Numbers in my post)

Hm, and how much of this "salary" does he kick back to Halliburton?

I think they are keeping him on payroll till they can decide on a medal to give to him...


They haven't finished minting his Medal of Freedom yet. Besides, it just proves that nothing succeeds like absolute, total failure in the Cheney Administration. Too bad about New Orleans, though, huh?

Outragous! He should donate his salary to the victims, including the poor woman that gave birth on I-10 which was her only shelter in the aftermath of Katrina. How likely is that?

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