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October 18, 2005


It is almost as if Democracy is equal to false hope. As in, no matter where you are voting (Iraq or Ohio or Florida) improper things occurs without anyone getting into trouble and no investigations whatsoever...

When there are investigation, no one dares play the so called "blame game". The "blame game" ends up being a useful device at deflecting responsibility...

If the voting is not taken seriously, then really this is not a valid Democracy...

True or not (and probably truer than we're all comfortable with), it just wouldn't make a difference. The constitution that was voted on isn't worth the paper on which it's written. With built in acknowledgement of further "tweaking" to come over the next 8 months and civil war on the brink, this election was good for not much more than giving W a chance to crow. Caw caw!

Brian, it's sort of true, but they'd have the framework in place at the very least even if it's amendable. But I get your point - sort of like a Bill of Rights with term limits.

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