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October 14, 2005


That Rove pic looks like he's a bank robber in a security camera.

go i love it... circles the drain.. i sure in the fuck hope so.

how many of his "friends" do you suppose he threw under the bus in there?

I believe he HAS received his target letter. Hope you don't mind but I've linked this over at my blog. Thanks.

He had not received one when I first wrote ... and I never mind if you link up. I think the prosector did what he did because either way there's going to be an indictment - for what Rove did, or for perjury because of inconsistency with his prior testimony. But who knows?

Thanks for the plug, dude!

Great one - yeah, I too wonder how many collars he's going to grasp on the way down...

I hear a flushing sound. And it's like the sweetest music on the planet.

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