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October 28, 2005


I hope tht he can still get Rove. I think that Bolton is the worst person to have at the UN. Let us not forget that these people are endangering our country by their aggressive and ill advised policies.

To steal a line from Fitzgerald, "That's the last time you people throw sand in my eyes, bee-yatch!"

Oh, and Ginger at the Pepper has written a letter to Scooter.

Will Bush still be in office when we learn the leaker? This could take forever.

I like the beautiful letter written by Ginger. I had to wipe the tears from my eyes. Cheers to the American public, even those who do not know it, Bush and friends cause much suffering and have no regard for us. This is the beginning of making it a little more difficult for them to plunder with immunity.

Rove would be incredible, and Bolton would be the cherry on top.

Plus, if Bolton was indicted....oh my god, the BLUSTER! I'd be glued to my television to see the temper tantrum!

Paul, I wonder if Bolton would chase Fitzgerald down the hall?

Son of a bitch if Bush isn't heading out to Camp David for the weekend! What the hell is it with this guy and conflict equating vacation???

Well. Watergate Fall has indeed arrived. And They are playing in Fitz'sandbox now, and no more throwing sand in his eyes. I wonder if Addington as Scoot's replacement was indeed a wise choice. And Official "A" should be indeed sweating bullets, and Ari and Rove are not off the Hook. Timeline over on http://plamegatetimeline.blogspot.com/ stands as is. Kings list of Dishonor on http://watergatesummer.blogspot.com/ stands. Let the Coverup be Unraveled, in full.

No Bolton? Don't do this to a sick woman! I'd love to see him go; he is doing tremendous damage to the US.

I still have not ruled out Bolton..his previous smooooth dealings with women...and he did visit Judy in prison TWO times...although some say it was more- I only know of two for sure- but still what would they have to talk about....or does she have Another Hotel Regis moment other than the Scooter moment....I am sorry but I would Love to see the Walrus be a part of this parade....

okay- I checked the other sites...and Clemons...and yes, it looks more like Grossman..toobad..well, we'll see where the tentacles lead....

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