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October 21, 2005


I have a longtime love affair with stink lines. I'm glad I got such an appropriate occasion to use 'em.

Dude, who is that big bald guy? He looks like seriously scary hired security.

Maybe he moonlights for whiny Bill O'Reilly.

What a great idea! By the time this is all over, he'll be as wrinkled as a raisin!

I hate how he keeps smiling all over the place. It's so insulting. At least look worried! But I guess he doesn't worry since so many cronies have his back.

Oh no, Pepper, not a raisin. By the end, he ought to look exactly like this!

I understand the strategy behind the smile, but if the Democrats play this right they could totally make it backfire on him.

Marie ... don't leave us hanging ... HOW? The Dems need all the coaching they can get.

Just the basic "Look at that guy. He broke the law and he's *glad* about it. What is he, above the law?"

Actually, that should be "The Picture of Dorian DeLay".

Oh no! Busted by the Wilde Squad!
Unlike some other blogs, we here at Agitprop encourage grammar and related bitching.

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