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October 21, 2005


Ahhh... memories of Cheney at the Auschwitz memorial... so aptly dressed.

Here's to hopin' that nazi goes down in FLAMES.

I must have missed that detail.

It is obvious to me...Halliburton built the gay chambers and the ovens. Silly me.

I hope he goes down!

"gay chamber"...How's that for a slip?

So sorry...you don't gas people in "gay chambers." Unless that some kinky new thing I am too old to know about???

I obviously meant a "gas" chamber.

Or not...Halliburton might make gay Bath Houses too! Gay chamber...ha ha.

I am sure the religious right would build gay gas chambers if they could ...

Isn't he the dude who wrote "Mein Crap"? M

mandt! Ha! ... I love it. Cheney the beer-hall putz.

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