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October 31, 2005


And to think in D.C. there are signs all over the Metro that say not to use chemicals on your lawn because it drains to the bay and the crabs eat it. What's a little Round Up when you regularly dine on mustard gas? Real bright idea.

The DOA stopped when congress told them to. HA HA. And my ass is filled with green cheese too.

In the post WW2 years the British Governement dumped thousands of tons of conventional munitions in a deep sea trench called the Beaufort Dyke. Deep sea, as much as any one could call it such, given the oceanagrphics, and deep sea if the skippers actually bothered to steam that far. (by their own admission) For the last fifteen years these rusting relics have been washing up on the surrounding shores.
So given it has taken forty years, don't you be worrying, just don't tell your kids.

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