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November 07, 2005


I look forward to number 3 as I will be participating in it...

I gaze into my crystal balls...

(Ok, it's been a while and they're quite frozen, so not crystal, iced over)

....and I see...

1) All four ballot initiatives in California are resoundingly defeated.

2) George Bush has renounced torture because the Abu Ghraib photos are about to be released.

3) Bill O'Reilly will have a conniption.

I added that last one to preserve my streak of at least one right prediction each week.

1. At my local level [Seattle area - ed.], stupid-ass rightwingnut, Libertarian, and cheap-ass Republican voters will once again fuck up and repeal a tax that funds transportation. Oh, and probably the Monorail, too.

2. On the national level, Bush will spew more stupid things. (I need a slam dunk here, too!)

3. And oot in the not-so-great wide world, over in that so-called sophisticated, we're way more advanced than you are Amurka, nyaaa nyaa nyaa Frenchyland, there will be an assassination attempt on one of their rightwing asshole leaders.

Isabelita Nemesis has spoken.

Well I definately think that prop. 76 is going down in CA, but will that stop our beloved governator? I think that Kyle Reese put it best:

He can't be bargained with. He can't be reasoned with. He doesn't feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And he absolutely will not stop, ever, until he gets his way.

Regarding the third one, I really hope Californians have learned their lesson from the recall election--not to trust the Governor.

Pete Townshend said it best:

Pick up my guitar and play
Just like yesterday
Then I'll get on my knees and pray
We don't get fooled again

1) I honestly think and hope that Ahnold's props are going to tank. He is soooo very unpopular, esp. with the common clay.

2) Rove will be "fired" then rehired back as a "consultant"

3) Cheney will get skewered over his pro-torture position.

That's it!!

Bill O'Reilly will take to drinking again and tell Charles Colbert "JUST SHUT UP!"

Sean Hannity will defend the indefensible to the very end, talk really fast and foam at the mouth.

We will have a ban on the import of Italian wine and......Italian sausage will be proclaimed to be "Freedom Sausage".

As the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse saddle up . . .

1) Tom Delay prepares for his upsoming court appearances by starting a new regime of Colgate White Strips

2) Donald Rumsfel's Tamiflu stock skyrockets after Bush contiunes to fear monger about the onset of a Bird Flu pandemic

3) New data from the Hubble Space Telescope reveals that the universe is not infinite but that, indeed, human stupidity is

In 24 hours, my satanic homosexual marriage will be not be valid in Texas. Which is good, because I've been playing the field for years anyway.

the u.s. will use nuclear weapons on iran during bush's presidency.

the u.s. will use nuclear weapons on iran during bush's presidency. if this is correct, will we be able to blog on it? or will the internet be all facocked? dark dark stuff.

Will we be able to blog on it? Hell yeah. You’ll be droppin’ blogs like we be droppin’ bombs. Hmmmm, new bumper sticker:
Drop blogs, not bombs

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