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November 14, 2005


1) Outgoing Virginia governor Mark Warner will make an unannounced stop in Iowa this week.

2) New York Governor George Pataki will make an unannounced trip to New Hampshire this weekend.

3) Another terrorist bombing in a country other than Iraq or Israel will occur, with at least a dozen killed.

Re: #1, I hope you're right!

Re: #2, what constitutes a major gaffe? Bush is such a goofball that he'd have to do something really over the top.

Re: #3, I heard this morning that the US has issued a terror alert in China. Hmmm...

Looks like I may already be one for three....

Afghan Capital Is Hit by Two Suicide Bombers; Four Die
Bloomberg - 36 minutes ago
Nov. 14 (Bloomberg) -- At least four people, including a German soldier, were killed in two suicide bombings today in Afghanistan's capital, Kabul.

Of prediction one and three, I am not too sure.
That what you predict in two makes me think that you might try to convince me that wiggly tin is realy called corragated iron.

Re: No. 2

I hope Bush pukes on the lap of the Japanese Prime Minister like his Poppy did. Or maybe he has been programmed to off the Prime Minister of Micronesia, or was it Malaysia...

Well, I was going to predict some sort of Natural catastrophe..but I just Found out that Northern Japan just had a 6.9 earthquake...
and here's a thought- he left S.America Early- and then was seen drunk at Kilgore's bash on the way back.....so here are my perdictions:
(1) Some godsmacking disaster....( sorry)
(2) He will get drunk and make an ass of himself and have to leave early....even Laura the Buffer will fail.
(3) there will be massive unexpected protests - ANTI Bush protests.

I think this is your best chance, so far, to go 3 for 3...of course No.2 is more then likely a gimme.

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