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November 19, 2005


Hey, you forgot about the "other sacred texts", like "My Pet Goat" for example.

My Predictions:

Democrats will continue to bitch about the war in Iraq but will still be to cowardly to vote to bring the troops home.

Atleast 1 democrat in the congress will say something stupid that will fuck over their chances for re-election.

100% of liberals or communists who post after me will take a big dick in the ass and get HIV by the end of the month.

my current batting average 1.00

100% of liberals or communists who post after me will take a big dick in the ass and get HIV by the end of the month.

Well...after such astute observations, I don't know if I even dare to issue my own predictions, but what the hell:

Jean Schmidt will be forced by the Republican leadership to issue an apology to Rep. Murtha.

The apology will be so wuss-ass, that the whole firestorm will reignite.

Our dyslexic friend Torm, will continue to transpose numbers when reporting his 0.01 average.

MY predictions:

1. Torm will be severely humiliated, finally realize he out of his depth, and take a hike.

2. This humiliation will come in its usual form for right-wingers, most likely a Torm will be outed as a closeted Homosexual caught trolling for illicit sex on a Government cell phone. Or something of that nature. (hence his taste for “big dick in the ass,” and obsession with HIV)

3. Republicans will continue to bitch about the questioning of the war in Iraq but will still be to cowardly and insipidly stupid to come up with an exit strategy.

"Bush will make an astounding gaffe on his Asia trip," money shot:

hasty exit

(1) We already have a big Dick in the White House so why does this troll offer us more- Enough is Enough.
(2) Let's be real Torm ( or Mort as is his real name) is a pretty pathetic dim bulb, His email address is HotPocket1122@yahoo.com....gee- so impressive...( And sad to say is open for a whole new discussion...but I am betting that he ain't soo Hot). And if you get emails from him I will bet that he does indeed work for the Feds and have a little porn problem.
(3) And as a Nurse that worked for many years taking care of fine folks with HIV and who has lost many fine friends to this devastating disease I think MORT is a homophob. Let's be real he is a little man, with a 3 inch problem and small ones and probally works for Rush or Bill O. ( a bit rude- but not as rude as desecrating the deathes of 45 million in the world....)

Isn't it wonderful to have a wanker of Torm's ability visit? The fact that he hasn't got brains enough to pour piss out of a gum boot with the directions on the heel makes it even more amusing to my way of thinking. That he is allowed to waste valuable employer time on this kind of shit can only mean that he works for that gang of Repugnant criminals that are too busy stealing everything that isn't nailed down or red hot to notice what a cunt like this guy is up to.

You have such a creative mind. Your website is great!

Please, look at my website and tell me what you think!

Dear QRS Wave- went to your blog- interesting...but you need to enable the comments- otherwise you will never have any :(


thanks for stopping by!

My comments are enabled; aren't they? I'll check again, but I only disable comments on the "What's New..." page because I keep renewing it.

I'm not a technical guru...sorry..:(...I do what I can.

Please, come again!

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