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November 16, 2005


Reminds me of the "Thursday Review" I used to do. Nice set of links. That Humanist quiz says I'm a Hairshirt:

Excuse us, could you just put down that hammer for a minute and listen. You’re so busy getting things done you rarely take any time out just to relax. In fact, you’ve probably forgotten how to relax. That’s because you’re so anxious to prove that it’s possible to lead a good and moral life without religion that you have built a strict and forbidding creed all of your own.

The first paragraph is close to describing me, but I don't agree with the rest...

Nice list, it will give me something to do when I get back from my errands, I like to check out different opinions and make sure that I'm not following the herd like a lemming.

Hairshirt. Guilty as charged.

Thanks for the link!

And why should they not have lied? They have fucking well lied about everything else.

I have an 84 year old Aunt who smuggles Bibles into China. She's made many trips over the years. I think everybody in China must have one of my Aunt's Bible's by now.


You go out of your way to build bridges with people of different views and beliefs and have quite a few religious friends. You believe in the essential goodness of people , which means you’re always looking for common ground even if that entails compromises. You would defend Salman Rushdie’s right to criticise Islam but you’re sorry he attacked it so viciously, just as you feel uncomfortable with some of the more outspoken and unkind views of religion in the pages of this magazine.

You prefer the inclusive approach of writers like Zadie Smith or the radical Christian values of Edward Said. Don’t fall into the same trap as super–naïve Lib Dem MP Jenny Tonge who declared it was okay for clerics like Yusuf al–Qaradawi to justify their monstrous prejudices as a legitimate interpretation of the Koran: a perfect example of how the will to understand can mean the sacrifice of fundamental principles. Sometimes, you just have to hold out for what you know is right even if it hurts someone’s feelings.

What kind of humanist are you? Click here to find out.

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