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November 18, 2005


DemocRats: We have no ideas and we're proud of it!

We have no ideas and we're proud of it!
Of course dey are French! Why do you zink zey 'av zos outrrrrageous accents you silly Commandante!

DemocRats: We know we need to grow a set, but that might take a few years. Just relax!

Again, how can anyone be surprised. The Demo's left their balls at home before going to Washington. "At the right time, we will have a position." My ass! I suppose the right time for these assholes will be when they are certain DeLay is going to prison and won't be around handing out the money any more.

I'm sick of this.

They have these bastards where they want them but they won't move in for the kill.

I'm ready to stop voting altogether.

I'm sick of this.

They have these bastards where they want them but they won't move in for the kill.

I'm ready to stop voting altogether.

Oh, Emanuel, licking his finger and holding it in the air to see where the wind blows. He should change his last name to "Gephardt."

I have a radical idea - why doesn't he ask his constituents what they think? He's from blue Illiois, and maybe they'd like it if he started representing them for a change.

Careful, Comandante, or Blogenfruede may taunt you a second time...

Careful, Commandante, or Blogenfruede may taunt you a second time...
I wave my private parts at you, and I fart in your general direction!

Honest to shit. May the universe bless Mr. Murtha, and CURSE these wishy-washy fucking fools like Pelosi and Emanuel!!!! Listen, one of the people I work out with at a local Seattle climbing gym is a guy of a certain age - 56 - who isn't stupid, yet he says he's just not sure about the whole Iraq thing, those people over there resent us and our way of life, yatta yatta yatta... I tell him, hey, you're not dumb, how the hell do you figure this Iraq shit is helping anyone, unless you got Halliburton stock? He just shakes his head... The Dems have GOT to come up with a way to show how misguided this fake war is. WAY too many people have these primitive uninformed stances. They truly think we are being PROTECTED by this shit!!!

I really wish the Dems left Congress and got out on the front steps of the Capital and told the American People the truth...that would have been a true stand!

10:12 pm Murtha is speaking on the floor- the TRUTH...He is asking for all of us to be BRAVE and take a stand...the Democrats have to find their balls RIGHT HERE , RIGHT NOW.....NOT AFTER THANKSGIVING ,NOT WHEN IT IS CONVENIENT....HE 'S A MARINE DAMNIT- HE IS SEMPER FI- so all of us should be calling our reps, email them- yell at them to get off their asses. And yeah I am going to write that Bitch Schmidt that she does not represent ALL of Ohio.
And Don't just call your reps- call the ones that are having trouble locating their balls. And call Murtha's office and tell him you have his back....( good luck - I couldn't get through today)...( And if you don't KNOW how BAD it is- read Grumpy Ol'Man today-it will open your eyes.)

Two words: Abu Gahrib. Tis EVIL we are fighting here, folks. The reference to Holy Grail is funny, but fitting. We're on a mission to destroy these lying, torturing, self-interested evildoers. Ya gonna fight "just a little" for what is right, or wait until the political timing is right to fight evil? Momma didn't raise her boys to be Republicans, or pussies! Go Murtha!!! And the rest of you Dems, fight, dammit!

Some More words: GIT MO....and TWO MORE::: WHITE PHOSPHORUS.... some more : 20,000 injured, >20,000 with PTSD, and More than 100,000 dead Iraqis- men,women and Children....and now 80 today....How MANY MORE folks , HOW MANY MORE???? Our troops-= our kids are over there- and are Fucking Road Kill right now....

Well... the vote was held, and I think that the Demos stepped in the nice piece of filth this time.

Empty-headed animal food trough wiperszz.

Are you suggesting coconuts migrate?

linked this article at Blue Gal: Thanks for the Thanksgiving present, blogenfreude. xoxo

Speaking of damned Dems, check this post out: Ripping Democrats. I think he's right on.

But, you see, we already got one! It's verra nice-uh!

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