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November 07, 2005


Love the subheading! Who knew? You mean we can foil terrorists by NOT attacking countries where we suspect they may be harbored? Hmmm... maybe those Australians have something there.

Yeah, but the only thing you'd want out of NZ is the All-Blacks.

But, what is Australia doing to protect the world from pirates?

You'd think they would have at least used this as an excuse to annex New Zealand.

...or blame Canada. Or "Old" Asia.

I hear they confiscated a bunch of backpacks too. Really dangerous, terrorist stuff that. Good thing the Spanish haven't fallen into this hole or all the little old Brit ex pats around here sould be bunged up in a minute. The all have a backpack, they don't speak a word of Spanish despite being here 20 odd years or so, they wear funny clothing, the go to a different church and worst of all, they go around taking photos of all sorts of things like the town hall, the church and sometimes, even the peanut man who has his stand outside the bank. Obviously up to no good! Inside with the lot of them.

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