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November 05, 2005


These sleaze bags just never give up do they. No matter what they are involved in the shove the Neo-Con bullshit down everybody's throat and steal from the till with both hands while their at it. But with Big Dick Cheney and Donny Rumdum in the top spots what can you expect from the people under them.

The strangest thing about all this sleazing on the part of the Government officials, is that you also see it on the local level. I swear there must be sleaze classses for all Republicans. And they call themselves the party of morality? Sick of the sickness is more like it.

Nice post Blogenfreude.

Nice post Blogenfreude.
Thank you.

I would love to see Jim Lehrer come after Kenneth Tomlinson and give him a righteous butt-whooping. "Our top story tonight - IS YOUR BUTT-WHOOPING, KENNETH!"

Hey, if Tomlinson gets tossed, does that mean no more David Brooks on "NewsHour"? That would be nice.

Just disgusting. Is there ANY pot these sleazebags don't have their paws in?

What I still don't get is that shrub & co. followers still defend them. It must just be true that in today's society, lying, cheating and stealing, as long as you are in a position of power, is dandy and even expected. Oh, and of course, even more so, if you wave a bible about while you do it.

Sickening, indeed.

Oh, and of course, even more so, if you wave a bible about while you do it.
Cf. Swaggart, Bakker, et al.


Did you see this? http://impeachpac.org/

Took me awhile, but I go this cross posted at my site, thanks again!

Thanks for posting this....disturbing as it is..when all is said and done I won't be surprised to find that MANY are on the take and part of the Neocon Propaganda plan....not just ol' Faux News...but CNN - WOLF, and Matt at NBC..come'om there is more than just "Loyalty" at play here....You gotta wonder how many Rats were on the ol'Sinking Titanic....

thanks enigma, and thanks everyone else for you comments ... the post is overlong, but I had to include the relevant NYT squibs. now to Sunday's paper and fresh outrages ...

I have developed a theory about Mr. Tomlinson. It seems that he has a "Snuffleupagus Problem!

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