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November 03, 2005


"This" is how much I care about New Orleans.

"You know what this is," Brown spat at the Senate subcommitee, "the worlds smallest violin playing for all those darkys down there."

"I am the BEST fucking dressed employee in the entire United States government. I ONLY wear Dolce & Gabbana. And--I demand a full two hours for every meal. That means exactly thirty seconds per bite in order to properly chew my food. You got a problem with that Senator?"

Suck it, negros. THIS is about how much help you’re gonna get until after I’ve finished eating.”

You wanna Measure HUBRIS and Arrogance- Fine; here is the PINCH , it is the size of my conscience, my heart, my disaster expertise,my intellect and the size of my balls...
{{ this guy doesn't deserve anyone being polite- Isn't Bubba getting a cell ready for him as well? It is Criminal what happened down there}}

I like my jambalaya with just a pinch of cayenne pepper. What's that? Oh, you want to talk about disaster relief. Well, you know I did a heckuva job. So what's your problem?

You see this purple booger? THAT is why I'm paid the big bucks for nothing! THAT is how I got where I did today!

Why do my fingers always smell like ass?

Senator, You know what an RCH is? I'll tell you. It's just how much I fucking care about you or them negroes. That's how much. Ever seen an RCH?

Had my breakfast so I'll have a go.

How about "This is all I know about drowning niggers and all I want to know! Got a problem with that?"

"My dickie's this big and not doing a helluva job."

"You think the residents of New Orleans had it tough?!
Just look at this nasty hang-nail!!"

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