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November 21, 2005


HA! Looks like I'm going to have to steal another from you today...

Ewww! I just totally lost my appetite.

You are what you eat - I would give that to the dogs.

Ewww! I just totally lost my appetite.
It's somewhat Pythonesque, no?

Gross. Wouldn't that give the diners nightmares and turn them into instant assholes, especially of alcohol is added?

NICE! Great pic!

"It's somewhat Pythonesque, no?"

Indeed it is.

Whelp ,as Grandaddy Murtha slices the Turkey it appears that it is indeed a Pythonesque Moment ( and in light of that ... a few stolen usurped quotes...enjoy...say it in a Pepper Pot voice or Knights of Ni)
[1] " It's just a flesh wound"
[2] "I'm not dead yet." "Yes, you are"
[3] "When danger reared it 's ugly head he bravely turned away and fled."
[4] "Bring out your Dead"
[5] " The people did feast on sheep,lambs,arangutangs, and breakfast cerals
[6] "Let's not squabble about who Killed who"
[7] "The parrot is Not dead...it's just sleeping"
[8] "Bring me a Shrubbery"

At least they'll (probably) avoid the avian plague this holiday.

The swollen head is just about right.

Who gets the snarlin' side of the mouth?


It's so wrong. Thank you.

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