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November 11, 2005


The Repugs are shockingly arrogant, and Tom DeLay is at the head of this list. No doubt he has been doing unethical things for years, now, I think it is wonderful that he has been caught for some illegal ones. I do not care for Mr. Tom.

I do not care for Mr. Tom.

You do not like him, do you Lark?
But would you like him in a park?
Would you like him on rail?
Or in a cage? Or locked in jail?

"Oh yes!" said Lark, "a jail is good!"
"Just make sure it's not made of wood.
It must be steel, to hold him in.
So he cannot get out again!"

Dr. Seuss (from beyond the grave)

Very good, and no I do not like him, but I am very fond of the Whos down in Whoville. Do you suppose he is the Grinch?

You win points for "Best 'Delay Self-Destructs' Headline of the Day."


Very good.

This deserves national media exposure:

This deserves national media exposure ...
Tinfoil hat time?

Sonic Satire:


Looks like ole' Delay has been snorting Raid again. M

Don't forget to set him on fire. If everything else fails, that should do it.

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