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November 09, 2005


i don't see the problem here, i can accept changing the past to reflect what he now wishes he would have said.

seems fair to me.

Are these ass clowns so stupid they haven't discovered that other people than themselves have tape and video recorders? Talk about brain dead.

Yeah, what's so wrong with editing? It's not like they haven't done it before...

Ah! Changing history...the easy way. So I suppose Bush really said: "insignificant quantities of uranium from Africa" and "...in the form of mushroom soup..." and "we do not horseturd" and "mission impossible" and "joe wilson's knife" and...

Next thing you know, they'll be telling us 2+2=5. Unbelievable.

Big brotherly, indeed.

This is but a turdlett, life as usual. Did you know that Natalie Holloway is still missing?

So how about the C-Span transcript ?
gee, I wonder if Fitz's office is watching all of this....

we just don't understand because we live in the reality based community. If you're making your own reality up as you go along, you can change things that have already happened.

PROPS to mark. Great comment.

Yeah, it's pretty amazing that on these reality shows that sometimes the participants forget the cameras are on. I'm getting really bored with this one, though. I can't believe there are three more seasons. I can't believe Powell got voted off and Cheney and Rumsfeld still have immunity. Libby getting the boot was no surprise, although I'm sure he'll turn up in his own CourTV reality show.

This is but a turdlett, life as usual. Did you know that Natalie Holloway is still missing?
Yes, but I understand that there are some great package deals to Aruba right now ...


If wishes were horses, Michael Brown would never have been the head of FEMA...

Sorry Scotty, you said it, now take your whipping like a "boy"...

Jesus told them to change it at their Friday end of week get-together.


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