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November 14, 2005


This is really sad. Jump out of the car? Weird, just weird AND sad.

stick and stones.. and moving vehicles.

this one put a smile on my face.

I know a woman who once flashed a Mormon and caused him to fall off of his bike, but this? Daaaaamn! This is self-inflicted! That's just dumb, son! Reeeal dumb.

So maybe he just wanted to go from Latter Day Saint to Unconditional Saint?

Some years ago a sci-fi novel that I read had a great phrase for this kind of stupidity: "Think of it as evolution in action."

Anybody remember where that comes from. Was it Lucifer's Hammer? (Niven and Pournelle).


Oath of Fealty

"actor212," Outstanding, and thanks! Haven't thought about Oath of Fealty in years, but a very poignant novel. Now I'll need to go and reread it.

St Peter: "According to your record, you...jumped out of a moving truck? How fucking stupid is that? We'll let you in and everything, but day-amn!"

Words can hurt you? Or cause you to hurt yourself?

Ah, moan the Focus on the Family Fundies, if only Life came with an installed V-chip...

I fucking can't believe that fucking idiot jumped out of the fucking car because of fucking profanity!!!

Ah, moan the Focus on the Family Fundies, if only Life came with an installed V-chip...
"You mean I can't say 'ass?' Ow!" Eric Cartman

This deserves a nomination for a Darwin Award.

This is the POSTER BOY for the Darwin Award. Eeeesh.


"Think of it as evolution in action."


I guess that idiot Poulson just helped prove Darwin's "survival of the fittest" theory.

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