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November 29, 2005


Oh ,my another gift to John Stewart...ahh, the irony...

Christ on a stick! I thought they had sent that silly old bugger out to pasture years ago. Of course he is from Utah which is sort of like Kansas without the corn.

We should not pull out of Iraq. We should keep fucking her and fucking her over and over again...

This is his best gaffe since suggesting Ginsburg to Clinton.

Its michael moore's fault. Its all his fault. And clinton's fault.

Well, Vietnam is close to North Korea...

That whole senility thing is real bi...

Orin is hatched! M

Good to get an Alzheimer Freud confirmation on the Vietnam thing, but Michael Moore again? Jesus, these guys need to get a new demon. Didn't Hatch get the memo? Doesn't he know that Moore is last week's talking point?

Oh Grumpy Old Man - you are a really funny guy - Kansas without the corn - that tickled me. Hatch? Phooey!!!

Would somebody please wake Rip Van Winkle up already?

senile dementia sets in...so sad.

I see. We had to re-destroy the memory of the war in order to re-save it...

Dither, dither, dither ditherditherdither...

Well....kudos to Hatch for letting slip out the belief that most American's actually share with him. Iraq=Vietnam. Period.

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