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November 23, 2005


Osama who?

I believe you can find that intelligence dollar hidden under that hill of beans.

You know - I grew up listening to Pete Seeger. I lived near San Francisco, and the local PBS station offered a show on Sunday evenings - just him, his banjo, and the seeding of my political philosophy. My father was a musician, and a banjo player, so he never missed a single show. He and I would play together, trying to match Seeger’s chords. My Pop could do this after only one hearing – he was gifted that way. Once he heard a tune he could play it, and he loved Pete Seeger’s music. I think my father shared his politics as well, though it was the music that was the draw. The show was wonderful – and quite informative. Thus I learned the origin of ‘Where Have all the Flowers Gone?', 'Little Boxes', and many, many more. He would bring other artists on occasionally - which was a real treat. Arlo Guthrie I remember in particular.

I saw Pete Seeger interviewed recently (for the documentary about Dylan), and though his voice had diminished somewhat, the strength of his opinions had not. It was so nice to hear someone so unafraid to tell the truth - about any and everything. I miss him. I wish there were more artists like him. There was that one, brilliant song by Bright Eyes – but its not like our current crop of musicians are exactly falling over themselves in an effort to skewer Bush and the various weeds that surround him. Ah well – you just struck a memory chord, and I needed to play out the tune. Happy Thanksgiving!

Richard Clarke's book, Against all Enemies, talks about the Saddam-al Qaeda connection or lack thereof. It doesn't mention that specific (I think it was Clarke who gave that briefing)

If you want modern day protest music check out Green Day's American Idiot. Also there's quite a bit of protest music in the Hip-hop genre.

Just stopping by to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!

I think you had better mention that a forum member at SomethingAwful is the person who made that graphic in the first place - they may decide to hold you legally accountable otherwise for your use of it, if you have not secured permission.

I think you had better mention that a forum member at SomethingAwful is the person who made that graphic in the first place ...
You just did. I emailed and asked for the creator so I could credit, but no response ...

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